How To Help Your Pet Cope With Noise Aversion


Many pets are scared of loud noises, whether they’re caused by the vacuum cleaner, construction, or fireworks. Although you may not be able to avoid all of these sounds completely, you can help your furry pal cope with the stress they experience when exposed to loud noises. Try the following tips to help your pet stay calm.


#1: Reduce your pet’s exposure to their sound triggers

If you know your pet is scared of loud sounds related to home improvement repairs, make boarding reservations for the time you plan on using power tools. Or, if you know a thunderstorm is headed your way, move to the quietest room in your home and drown out the thunder with classical music, white noise, or your pet’s favorite TV show. Avoid walking your pet in areas with heavy traffic, or near large gatherings and events, as these loud sounds also can be triggers for noise aversion.

#2: Use behavioral modification to change the way your pet views loud sounds

Behavioral modification techniques, such as desensitization and counterconditioning, take time, but they produce significant results. These methods focus on pairing your pet’s trigger, such as the booms of fireworks, with something positive, like a high-value treat. To begin, play a soundtrack of a loud sound (e.g., thunderstorms, fireworks, traffic, etc.) at a low enough volume so as to not trigger a fear response in your pet. As they behave calmly, give them treats and praise. Slowly increase the volume, offering rewards the entire time. These sessions often take weeks of repetition before your pet is comfortable around their trigger sound when they encounter it naturally, so don’t give up.


#3: Ask your veterinarian for help

Some pets are so fearful of loud sounds, they can harm themselves trying to dig, chew, or scratch through walls, floors, or their crate. In these cases—and in more moderate ones—anti-anxiety medication can be a great help. Speak to our veterinarian about your options if your pet is suffering from noise aversion despite at-home coping techniques.


Living in fear of loud sounds is no fun, especially when July Fourth fireworks shows start up. Help your furry pal remain calm by following these tips from our team at Akaal Pet Hospital.