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Veterinarian brushing dogs teeth with pet owner

Dental care is essential to your pet’s ongoing health and well-being. Just like people, your dog and cat have oral health needs, too. Their teeth are prone to tooth decay, gingivitis and cavities, just like people. 

Recent research has confirmed that oral health is foundational to overall health. This is due to the effect that excess bacteria in the mouth can have and the fact that it can leach into the bloodstream. From there, bacteria can impede the effectiveness of the immune system. It can also negatively affect organ functioning, leading to cardiovascular issues and a higher chance of organ disease and failure. 

Citrus Heights Veterinarian Has Your Dog and Cat Dental Care Covered 

In addition to issues like gum disease, there can also be more serious oral health issues like cracked or broken teeth or abscesses. In these cases, more serious dental work from your Citrus Heights veterinarian will be required to resolve the issue. The tooth may need to be pulled entirely. Your dog or cat could also receive a root canal to take away their pain and fix the problem. 

An annual pet health exam and dental cleaning is the best defense against oral health problems. Your Citrus Heights animal hospital and veterinarian can assist you with locating and treating pet dental issues early, while they are still minor. 

Your pet will have to go under anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned and examined, but we will perform appropriate screening to ensure they are healthy enough for this and to determine the best type for their current condition.    

Help For Gingivitis and More Serious Pet Oral Health Issues 

We will check your pet’s teeth thorough as well as hand scale the teeth at and below the gum line. We will then polish the teeth so that tartar buildup recurrence can be prevented or reduced. 

There are also steps pet owners can take at home to ensure pet oral health. There are specially formulated pet toothpastes that can be used daily to reduce the presence of bacteria in your pet’s mouth. We can also recommend pet food and treats that help to clean the teeth and support pet oral health. 

While an annual cleaning and exam from your vet can help to maintain pet oral health, you can also watch for the signs of problems throughout the year. Some of the signs of dental problems in your dog or cat include:

  • Bad breath
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Discolored tooth
  • Mouth or jaw sensitivity
  • Trouble chewing and eating
  • Weight loss
  • Shedding or other signs of stress

Periodontal disease affects around 80 percent of adult pets. Regular dental checkups from your Citrus Heights veterinarian can make all the difference in maintaining your pet’s ongoing health. We also serve pet owners in Carmichael, Antelope, Sacramento, Roseville and North Highlands. From vaccinations to routine care to dental cleanings, you can count on Akaal Pet Hospital. Call us today at (916) 729-7779.

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