Cat Vaccinations at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights

Cat Vaccinations at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights

Vaccinating your cat is vital. Just like you wouldn't want your children susceptible to easily-prevented diseases, you want to ensure your cat is not at risk of painful and life-threatening ailments that she can be protected from.

Your cat's mother gave your kitten the nutrients necessary to ward off diseases for the first few weeks of life, but once the kitten comes to your home it is time for you to take over. The immunity provided by your kitten's mother tends to wear off around 9 weeks, so we recommend beginning initial vaccinations at that point. (See our Kitten Pack page for details on a special offer for vaccinations and early treatment.)

How does a vaccine work?

Vaccines deliver small amounts of altered viruses into pet, training their immune system to fight them off.

What vaccinations does my kitten need?

1- Feline Viral Rhinotrachetis
This is basically the cat version of the common cold. Symptoms include moderate fever, loss of appetite, sneezing, eye and nasal discharges and coughing. Not only can this disease make your kitten miserable, it is highly contagious. Even if your kitten recovers, they can remain a carrier for life.

2- Feline Calicivirus
This widespread and contagious disease causes fever, ulcers in the mouth and mild to severe pneumonia. Just like Rhinotrachetis, even if your cat makes a full recovery, they can still carry the disease and transmit it to other non-vaccinated cats.

3- Feline Panleukopenia
Often referred to as Feline Distemper, this disease is caused by a virus so strong that it can even survive a full year outside of a host's body. Infection rates in non-vaccinated cats approach 100 percent, so vaccination against the often-fatal disease is vital.
If your cat catches Panleukopenia, symptoms include listlessness, diarrhea, vomiting, severe dehydration and fever. If a cat survives, treatment can take over a year, and your cat should not be in contact with other animals during that time.

4- Rabies
This is the most well-known disease we vaccinate against. Rabies is incurable and fatal. It is spread through contact with the saliva of infected animals, which can include skunks, raccoons, foxes and bats.
Since this disease is incurable and fatal once contracted, most municipalities require all pets to receive their rabies vaccinations, and if you travel with your cat you will be asked to show documentation that your cat has their rabies vaccine.

5- Feline Leukemia
This disease is the leading cause of death for cats in North America. This infection can cause your cat to develop cancerous lymphoma and a host of secondary symptoms caused by a diminished immune system.
Cats can be carriers of this disease even if they are not showing symptoms yet.

6- Feline Chlamydophila
Young kittens are especially susceptible to this extremely contagious disease. It causes infections of the mucus membranes in the eyes, and it can even be passed on to humans through direct contact.

Scary, right?

The disease listed above are all common causes for premature death in cats. The best way to prevent that situation is with vaccinations. Like any treatment, vaccines are not guaranteed to be 100 percent effective, but if you provide your pet with a clean environment, appropriate diet and the recommended vaccinations, you are giving them the best chance for a long and happy life.

It is also important to consider the cost. These vaccinations are far less expensive than the cost of treating just one of these diseases. Prevention is far cheaper and easier than treatment.

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