Pet Wellness Exams at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights

Pet Wellness at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights

Just like we and our children need regular visits to the doctor, to ensure we are healthy, your pet needs an annual wellness exam. During the visit we will give your pet an overall health assessment, take their vitals like. This will not be drastically different from a human checkup. We will most likely weigh your pet, take their temperature,run blood work, do a urinalysis and screen for parasites.

We will also talk to you about issues your pet may be facing, depending on what stage of life they are in. If you have questions or concerns about certain changes in behavior or any perceived health issues, bring those to our vet. This is the ideal time to get answers to those questions.

How to prepare my pet?

Most wellness visits do not require any type of specific preparation. If we will be doing certain blood tests, we will let you know to prepare them, and if we need a stool sample we will give you instructions for collecting that, but for the most part you do not need to alter your routine before a wellness visit.

My pet freaks out when they come to the vet. What do I do?

One issue some of our pet parents struggle with is the anxiety their pet feels with a visit to our office. We know the vet's office can be a scary place for your pet. To minimize the anxiety your pet may feel during a visit, we encourage pet parents to drop by the office just to say hi at any point. Come on in, give your pet a treat, and help them get acclimated to the sites, sounds and smells of the office. If they associate our pet hospital as a fun place to pop in, they are less likely to be stressed once the exam begins.

If you rarely take your pet in the car, except for when taking them to the vet, make sure you drive them around the neighborhood a few times leading up to the visit. Again, the idea is to calm their nerves, get them used to the process and prevent them from being a frazzled mess when they walk in the door.

My pet seems healthy. Why do they need a checkup?

Preventative care is far less costly, less painful and less time consuming than treatment of a fully developed health problem. Wellness exams give you and us a complete picture of your pet's health. Future issues can be identified, and our team can identify any problems-- ideally -- in the early stages.

Regular vet visits, even when your pet seems happy and healthy, are one of the most loving things you can do for your pet.

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