Surgery at AKAAL Pet Hospital

Surgery at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights

Akaal Pet Hospital is fully equipped to perform all routine surgeries for your pet. Our team of highly-skilled professionals will ensure that, if a day comes when your pet needs a procedure, they will be cared for and comfortable throughout the process.
Surgery can be scary, and we work to ensure our pet patients and pet parents understand the process, from beginning to the end. We employ talented veterinarians and technicians to ensure that your pets receive the best care available. We also have access to board certified traveling surgeons who specialize in certain specialized procedures and bone surgeries.

Here are a few steps we take to make sure every animal we treat has a safe experience:

  • We provide your pet with a pre-op sedative to minimize anxiety
  • Our team monitors your pet's heartbeat and blood oxygen levels throughout the procedure.
  • We recommend a pre-anesthetic blood test for all pets, and we use the safest available anesthetics to ensure a quick recovery.

Specifically, our doctors use Isoflurane Inhalation Anesthetic, which provides a speedier recovery time than other anesthetics.

  • For all pets 5 years old or older, we require blood work before anesthesia to diagnose any underlying disease your pet may have.

Most of all, we provide your pet with tender, loving care. We are pet parents and animal lovers, so we know how stressful it can be not only for your pet but also for you when a surgery is required. Our team will explain the process, answer your questions and hear your concerns before we do the procedure.

We are well equipped to perform all routine surgeries for your pets. We also have access to traveling surgeons who come to our facility and perform some special surgeries as needed or a referral for the appropriate specialist.

To ensure that your pet has a safe experience while here for a procedure we will:

  • Provide pre-op sedation to minimize anxiety.
  • Monitor pulse and blood oxygen levels throughout the procedure.
  • Use Isoflurane and/or Sevoflourane Inhalation Anesthetic (ensuring a quick recovery from its effects).
  • Give post-op pain medication as needed.
  • Provide lots of TLC!
  • Recommend Pre-anesthetic blood test for all pets.
  • Offer blood work before anesthesia on all pets 5 years of age or older.

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