Akaal Pet Hospital Offers Senior Pet Wellness Care

During the senior years, pets require a bit more attention and veterinary care, to keep them happy, healthy, and active. Your veterinarian has the knowledge and experience to help guard your senior pet’s health as the years go by. At Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights, CA, we provide special senior pet care for aging animals.

Akaal Pet Hospital Offers Senior Pet Wellness Care

Special Needs of Senior Pets

Older pets often develop many of the same health issues that people do. Arthritis, from the normal wear and tear on joints, can cause pain and problems with normal mobility. Senior pets may be less willing to engage in exercise, which can lead to weight problems that are linked to a number of health issues. Alongside these issues come tooth and gum disease, diabetes, heart problems, thyroid dysfunction, and kidney disease.

Signs Your Senior Pet May Need Additional Veterinary Care

You may notice your dog sleeping more than usual or refraining from going on long walks. Getting up the stairs in your home may be more troublesome. The animal may groan when getting up from lying down. You may notice your dog doesn’t come when called, or bark at nothing and bump into objects in your home. At times, your pet may seem confused or unable to find you. All of these are signs of your pet getting older, losing mobility as well as the acuity of his senses.

Protecting the Health of Your Senior Pet

You can take an active part is helping your senior pet make the most of the later years, by providing a high quality pet food formulated for senior animals. Make sure your pet has comfortable, well-padded bedding in a warm, comfortable place. Avoid moving furniture around in your home if your pet has vision problems. Teach your pet hand signals if he or she has trouble hearing you. Also make sure to increase the frequency of your visits to the vet to help keep your senior pet active and healthy.

Make Akaal Pet Hospital Your Veterinarian in Citrus Heights, CA

The veterinarians and staff at Akaal Pet Hospital make compassionate care their first priority for pets in Citrus Heights, CA, and the nearby communities. We offer many veterinary services, including wellness exams, vaccinations, diagnostics, surgery, nutritional counseling, and arthritis care. Call Akaal Pet Hospital today at 916-729-7779 for an appointment to learn about the best ways to secure the health and quality of life of your senior pet.

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