Pet Ear Care

At Akaal Pet Hospital, we provide everything you need for your pet’s health and wellness. When you’re looking for a full-service animal hospital in Citrus Heights, California, our team can provide you with comprehensive pet ear care for pet ear infections and regular maintenance. Our veterinarian uses the latest equipment and technology to provide your pet with the best possible care. We have a clean dental care services, surgical care including spay and neuter, senior dog and cat care, nutritional counseling, radiology, and pet ear care. 


About Pet Ear Care

Pet ear care is an integral part of the ongoing health of your dog or cat. Pet ear infections can be common, and need to be taken care of in order to reduce pain and discomfort. Signs that your pet may have an ear infection include: foul odor, redness in ear canal, swelling, pain or sensitivity when ear is touched, discharge, or excessive scratching at the ears. We can provide comprehensive pet ear care services that can treat pet ear infections or prevent them from occurring.

How We Clean a Pet’s Ears

We first use an ear cleaning solution made for pets. We will brush and trim any hair around the ears. From there, we will place the ear cleaning solution into the canal while massaging the ear gently. We repeat this process with your pet’s other ear. The best way to prevent pet ear infections is to prevent wax building or bacteria overgrowth. This is done by providing an animal with regular ear cleanings. Our veterinary team can help by giving you more specific information about how often your pet’s ears should be cleaned, as this varies based on the breed, coat, lifestyle, and earwax production of each particular pet.

Things That Make a Pet More Susceptible to Ear Infections

If your dog or cat has long, heavy, floppy ears, he may be more prone to ear infections. Pets with hair in their ear canals and that have excessive wax buildup may have a greater chance of developing an ear infection too. Also, dogs with allergies or who have polyps or tumors in their ears may develop frequent ear infections.

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