Vaccinations at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights

Prevention is easier than treatment. That is why we at Akaal Pet Hospital are firm believers in vaccinations for your dog.When puppies are nursing, they receive through their mother's milk immunity from diseases for the first few weeks of life. But once they are in your house,that immunity has worn off, and you nee d to follow a vaccination schedule in order to ensure your pet is protected from a host of diseases -- many of which can be fatal.

When should my dog be vaccinated?

Vaccinations at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights

The puppy immunity wears off after 6 to 12 weeks. At that point, you should take your pup to Akaal Pet Hospital for their first round of vaccinations, which will be repeated every two to four weeks(ideally every three weeks) until your dog is three to four months old. From that point on, your dog will need to receive their booster shots at a regular schedule for the rest of their life.

Why should I vaccinate my dog?

In addition to protecting your dog from avariety of deadly diseases that can be very expensive to treat, vaccinationsare required for your dog to travel, go to dog parks, and interact with otheranimals. You can be putting yourself in serious legal jeopardy by having anon-vaccinated dog, who could then spread disease to other animals or people.You also are setting yourself up for potential heartbreak because many of thediseases that a simple shot can prevent are deadly once contracted.

How do vaccines work?

A vaccine contains a small amount of theorganisms that causes disease. They stimulate your pet's immune system withoutbeing a strong enough dosage to actually cause the disease. Your dog's systemlearns how to fight off the disease and make antibodies that will protect themfrom it in the future.

What vaccinations does my dog need?

Puppy Vaccinations at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus HeightsCanine distemper: This often-fatal, difficult to treat disease is spread by nasal discharges from affected dogs. A dog with this canine distemper will suffer damage to internal organs and the nervous system, even if the disease is caught early.

Canine cough (Canine Tracheobronchitis): Often referred to as "Kennel Cough," this respiratory-tract infection can spread quickly when multiple dogs come into contact with each other. We recommend it for all dogs, but it is often mandatory if you want to take your dog to a kennel or obedience training. You will notice the infection's onset by your dog's dry, hacking cough.

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