Digital Ultrasound


Veterinarians occasionally need to use technology to make a better diagnosis of your animal. Sometimes this includes x-rays, but another tool used is digital ultrasound. At our Citrus Heights hospital, we have this tool in addition to many others used for evaluation. Visit us at Akaal Pet Hospital for comprehensive care, everything from checkups to surgeries and more.

Why Your Animal Needs It

Vets don't recommend treatments or exams without reason. If the vet suggests screening your pet with this technology, he needs to take a look at the organs inside or to see how well a pregnancy progresses. Everything from evaluating the kidneys for stones to looking for abdominal blockages can be studied with this technology. Sometimes, your animal may need this procedure before surgery to help the surgeon plan the procedure. Typically, the vet will order blood tests first or do a physical exam before asking you to take your cat or dog to have an ultrasound screening.

How It Works

As the name implies these screenings use sound waves to travel through an animal's skin. They bounce off tissues and organs inside and return to the reader, which creates a picture of the interior. Because the sound waves are not the type your dog or cat can hear and do not have a physical impact, your pet will not feel any pain during the procedure.

What to Do Before

Your animal's fur over the area screened will need to be shaved. Sometimes the technician will do this or you may need to do it yourself before the screening. Talk to your vet first to see which is necessary for your animal. Shaving removes any barriers that may block the sound waves the device uses for screening. Without taking away the hair, the procedure will not produce accurate results. You may also need to talk to the vet about food or water restrictions before the screening. Sometimes this examination is done before surgery, in which case your animal may need to avoid food or water.

Come See Us for All Diagnostic Needs

At Akaal Pet Hospital, we have a wide variety of services available to our patients, including digital ultrasound. Make an appointment with our Citrus Heights Hospital! Call us at (916) 729-7779 or online through our contact form. Our staff is ready to give your animal the best care possible through quality care and modern technology.

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