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Heat Stroke in Dogs & Cats: Prevent Your Pet from Overheating

Pet Tips: Avoiding Heat Illness in Dogs and Cats With Your Citrus Heights, CA Veterinarian

This summer, protecting your family from the heat also includes your pet. Even if your cat or dog spends most of its time outside, it could still overheat. Knowing the signs of heat stress in your pet could save its life. If you suspect your pet is suffering from a heat illness, bring it to us at Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights, CA or an emergency animal clinic.

What is Heat Stroke?

Heat illness, also known as hyperthermia can kill. Prompt treatment as soon as you notice signs of heat stress could save your pet's life. Your pet may pant excessively; have ropey, thick drool; vomit or have bright red membranes. These are symptoms of heat illness. Get your pet inside. Wrap lukewarm water-soaked towels around your pet. Never use cold water to cool your pet. The drastic temperature difference could make them worse. Seizures, weakness and collapse show an even more severe problem that needs emergency care. Your pet may need IV fluids and professional monitoring. If in doubt, contact our veterinarian at Akaal Pet Hospital.

Pet Tips to Prevent Hyperthermia

You can prevent heat illness. Never leave your pet in a car, even on a mild day, the temperature inside a car can climb to dangerous levels rapidly. When it's hot outside, don't take your pet for a run. Wait until the cool of the evening or morning before exercising your pet and go slower than normal. Some pets are more susceptible to heat stress than others. Keep short-nosed dogs and cats, elderly or ill animals and overweight pets should in an air-conditioned space when the temperatures rise.

Contact Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights, CA Today!

Though heat stroke is a frightening condition, our vet can help. Whether you're concerned about symptoms of hyperthermia in your pet or just need a wellness exam for your dog, contact Akaal Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights, CA  at (916) 729-7779. We want to keep your furry family members happy and healthy.

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